What is pawning?

Do you know the difference between pawning and selling your item? When you pawn an item you are essentially leaving it with us to hold temporarily for an amount of money agreed upon with the pawn broker. When you have enough money saved up, you can come back for the item, pay the initial loan off plus any interest. In other words, its a lot like letting your buddy take your TV to borrow a $100 off of him. When you give your friend back the $100, you get your TV back. Selling an item is different because you aren’t planning on getting the item back. Its a square deal, no interest, no loan, straight cash.


  • To pawn an item:
  • -you must be 18 years of age and have 2 piece of government ID – 1 photo ID
  • -All items must have legible, untampered serial numbers
  • -You get a maximum of 90 days to pick an item up
  • -All items must be held for 72 hours
  • -Anyone may pick up your item if they have your ticket
  • -Claiming item that was originally pawned requires payment of original loan + 20% interest. example: $100 + 1 month = $120, a $1 claim fee is added to every claim.
  • -$2 for any lost ticket
  •  -No credit check required to pawn